Lex E. Rojas - Video Package

Lex E. Rojas - Video Package

Collection of Lex E. Rojas' videos.

Lex E. Rojas - Video Package
  • Were-Ghoul Transformation

    Natalia had no idea that her life would depend upon the lunar eclipse now. She is never the same person because her life is now roaming around like a ghoul.

  • Were-Ghoul: Night Monster

    Dakota Wollmer opted for the character of were-ghoul in a spectacular way. See how she converted herself into a ghostly living organism.

  • Were-Flutter: Darkest Desire

    After picking up a strange but hypnotizing gem on the street during her walk back home, Hope, an everyday woman begins her striking transformation into a fearless creature. Intimidating at first, Hope ends up letting herself bask in the glory of her darkest desire.

  • Were-Flutter with Wings

    Here is a surprise for the people who thought that wings were only for fairies. This were-flutter tale is something else than that.

  • Were-Flutter: ASMR Long Nails - Part 1

    Watch the extremely talented Lex E. Rojas becoming the were-flutter and serving some gruesome horror for you. Not all fairytales are lovely.

  • Were-Flutter: ASMR Long Nails - Part 2

    Did you lock your windows because who knows, there is some creature with long nails waiting for you out there.