ASMR Claws

ASMR Claws

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ASMR Claws
  • Alia Lorae: ASMR Claws

    It is the world of ASMR, and we are just living in it. By the way, who loves some long nails?

  • Were-Flutter: ASMR Long Nails - Part 2

    Did you lock your windows because who knows, there is some creature with long nails waiting for you out there.

  • Were-Flutter: ASMR Long Nails - Part 1

    Watch the extremely talented Lex E. Rojas becoming the were-flutter and serving some gruesome horror for you. Not all fairytales are lovely.

  • Tara Ashleigh: ASMR Flared Nails

    Do not become a fool of the glittery nails of the creature. These will help to hunt and rip the targets.

  • Shanna: ASMR Claws

    After becoming a monster, Shanna accepts her life. She keeps wearing the locket and practicing her life with the qualities she has now.

  • Vesper: ASMR Long Flared Nails

    Vesper shows off her long flared nails scratching, clicking and tapping.

  • The Creature’s Hidden Comfort

    Scratching the long and sharp nails on the table is Margaret's new hobby. She never knew that she would become a creature that will find satisfaction in cracking the bones and tapping the nails. And not just on the table, the scratching and tapping pointy nails on the wall give comfort to her bra...

  • Werewolf Girl with Long Clicking Nails

    Look, look upon the Beauty that is the Wolf. Smell the pheromones that chemical substance released into the environment. We all know what affect it has on you. How you would like to Kiss those sweet nails as they affect your very behavior. The physiology that is at play here weakening those and o...

  • Long Nails Scratching and Tapping

    Crystal shows off her long nails scratching, clicking and tapping.