New Releases

New Releases

Newly release videos.

New Releases
  • Blonde Flex

    It looks like we have a new fitness inspiration in the form of a young blonde. Looking and behaving normally can be overwhelming for a human who has wildness inside.

  • Corporate Rage

    Corporate life can be scary, especially when you have a raging beast inside you. Watch how a normal-looking corporate lady turns into a creature. Guess she has another duty to complete now.

  • Alia Lorae: ASMR Claws

    It is the world of ASMR, and we are just living in it. By the way, who loves some long nails?

  • Shadow Monster Side Effect

    Watch to see how a single pill will change this girl's life and convert her into a monster.

  • Kitty Luperca

    Something has changed about Luperca. This time she is not only the wolf but also has the tendency to show herself as a dominating cat. What is coming next? Stay tuned to find out.

  • Muscular Luperca

    Who will fight with the wolf mother after seeing all this Luperca has? The muscular strength and power she holds are something else from this world.

  • Lunar Luperca 3

    It is hard for Luperca to fight her inner instincts of converting into a hybrid creature. Will the wolf mother be able to fight this time?

  • Were-Flutter: ASMR Long Nails - Part 2

    Did you lock your windows because who knows, there is some creature with long nails waiting for you out there.

  • Were-Flutter: ASMR Long Nails - Part 1

    Watch the extremely talented Lex E. Rojas becoming the were-flutter and serving some gruesome horror for you. Not all fairytales are lovely.

  • Were-Flutter with Wings

    Here is a surprise for the people who thought that wings were only for fairies. This were-flutter tale is something else than that.

  • Were-Flutter: Darkest Desire

    After picking up a strange but hypnotizing gem on the street during her walk back home, Hope, an everyday woman begins her striking transformation into a fearless creature. Intimidating at first, Hope ends up letting herself bask in the glory of her darkest desire.

  • Were-Ghoul: Night Monster

    Dakota Wollmer opted for the character of were-ghoul in a spectacular way. See how she converted herself into a ghostly living organism.

  • Were-Ghoul Transformation

    Natalia had no idea that her life would depend upon the lunar eclipse now. She is never the same person because her life is now roaming around like a ghoul.

  • Hybrid She-Wolf

    A wise hybrid wolf mother helps a hesitant young woman transition into a hybrid she-wolf and as soon as she sees her new traits, a new journey begins.

  • Serum

    Claire comes back from work directly to her TV, but her phone reminds her of routine. Claire visits the bathroom, where she has her insulin stored. Her current bottle is almost empty, so Claire reaches for a mysterious bottle resting on the top shelf. Once she injects the medication, Claire slowl...

  • Monster Eye Tricks

    The stunning actress performed with eye trick. See how she starts living her life after becoming a horrifying creature.

  • Athletic Monster

    With the new powers Alia got, she started training herself to become more powerful with each day. It is not easy, but she has to live with it.

  • Alia Lorae: A New Chapter

    After converting into a monster, how will the creature manage to live a simple life? Will she ever be able to enjoy the practicality of life?

  • Horror and Terror Matched

    Watch Alia showing her skills vividly in a this video of Were Creatures. What happens to her will shock you.