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  • Were-Ghoul: Night Monster

    Dakota Wollmer opted for the character of were-ghoul in a spectacular way. See how she converted herself into a ghostly living organism.

  • Tara Ashleigh: ASMR Flared Nails

    Do not become a fool of the glittery nails of the creature. These will help to hunt and rip the targets.

  • Were-Drogyny: Waiting for Hunt

    After getting the powers of a creature, how will she adapt to this change and go on a hunt? Stay tuned for more.

  • Powerful and Horrific Creature

    Becoming a powerful creature is a perk, but how much can she control them? Watch the difficult journey of Were-Drogyny performed by Tara Ashleigh.

  • Monster Eye Tricks

    The stunning actress performed with eye trick. See how she starts living her life after becoming a horrifying creature.

  • Alia Lorae: A New Chapter

    After converting into a monster, how will the creature manage to live a simple life? Will she ever be able to enjoy the practicality of life?

  • Shanna: ASMR Claws

    After becoming a monster, Shanna accepts her life. She keeps wearing the locket and practicing her life with the qualities she has now.

  • New Needs

    Once Rayne’s life has changed, and she has become a creature, see how she is living her life in an animal’s body. No one knows if she can become a human again.

  • Caitlyn: Partial Were-Creature

    Watch the talented Caitlyn Geiler turn into a creature. This is her life now. She cannot run from it. But, she can only accept what life has given to her.

  • Vesper: ASMR Long Flared Nails

    Vesper shows off her long flared nails scratching, clicking and tapping.

  • Vesper’s Creature Life

    Vesper has no idea what is happening to her. She has transformed into a dreadful creature. The beautiful young girl has now white eyes. She has creepy, long, and sharp ears. Her teeth are waiting eagerly to bite someone. She has unique and crackling nails that make a tapping sound when they touch...

  • The Creature’s Hidden Comfort

    Scratching the long and sharp nails on the table is Margaret's new hobby. She never knew that she would become a creature that will find satisfaction in cracking the bones and tapping the nails. And not just on the table, the scratching and tapping pointy nails on the wall give comfort to her bra...

  • After Life of Margaret

    After becoming a green-eyed creature, Margaret starts feeling different. She looks like a hybrid creature. Margaret never goes out of her place because of her body changes. She senses all the time that she wants to hunt someone down. It is difficult for her to hide the creature inside her body. S...

  • The White Night Creature

    Susanna White was a young, attractive, and charming woman. But no one knew that she would become a horrific and eerie creature. Her characteristics changed entirely and, the body parts transformed into an animal. The pink cat eyes and honed teeth can scare anyone. But wait, that is not only the t...

  • Jen: Partial She-Beast

    Jen becomes a partial beast. She starts living in the forest so she can hunt prey down. The powerful body and different blood in her veins are making her strong. No one can believe that there is a beast hidden behind the pretty face. She is a beast having spooky eyes, sharp nails, and the nature ...

  • Queen of Hybrids: Part 2

    Swordsha shows her powers when she transforms herself into a horrifying human that has long nails, white eyes, and big teeth. It seems like her claws are ready to kill and fight so that she can get what she wants.

  • Luperca and Marigold

    Luperca and Marigold display their cunning prowess. Two were-creatures joining forces outside of their pack. Sensual and powerful, the two show the menace and sensuality of being a were-creature.

  • Total Vixen

    Nicky Death displays her newly formed body. Part woman; part were-creature. Full hybrid. Bask in her full form as beauty... can be deadly.

  • Swordsha Engulfed

    Having given in to the beastly urge inside of her, Swordsha let's the animal instinct take over. Nails grown, eyes transfixed; She embraces her transformation. The city will feel her wrath.

  • Wolf Mother's

    Fully transformed, Ariane revels in her new form. The restraint holding her back has faded. There's another wolf mother on the loose...

  • Partial She-Beast with Long Nails: Part 2

    Watch Crystal shows off her long nails and muscular her biceps.

  • Muscle Maddy: Pump and Flex

    Watch Maddy shows off her muscular physique as she poses and flexes. Also see how powerful, tight and muscular her biceps and abs are in full beast mode.

  • Werewolf Girl with Long Clicking Nails

    Look, look upon the Beauty that is the Wolf. Smell the pheromones that chemical substance released into the environment. We all know what affect it has on you. How you would like to Kiss those sweet nails as they affect your very behavior. The physiology that is at play here weakening those and o...

  • Werewolf Girl with Long Neon Nails

    At last the Werewolf has come to full fruition. The Transformation is complete and those who cross the path of the Wolf will cower down and shrink away from its might and strength but there is no shelter from this storm. The mighty muscles menace and exert there domineering ways over all they enc...