Luperca - Video Package

Luperca - Video Package

Collection of Luperca's videos.

Luperca - Video Package
  • Lunar Luperca

    The lovely lunar Luperca takes a phone call during the transformation, hanging up on her contact before her claws and fangs come out. Her shoulders shape shift and her shirt rips off when she goes into full she-beast mode, howling at the moon as she takes a chunk out of her unsuspecting prey.

  • Luperca’s Preps and Bloopers

    Get an exclusive and behind the curtain view of Luperca’s makeup secrets, then share in her sense of humor as she reveals her more playful side whenever set props go away.

  • Majestic Wolf Mother

    Luperca shows off her most stunning features yet, with fantastic flexing and beautiful poses. While holding her audience captive, she reveals all the alpha qualities which put her at the head of every pack to earn her title of Wolf Mother.

  • Wolf Mother: Hunted

    When the wolf mother finds herself at the mercy of a genocidal madman, the hunter quickly finds himself hunted. Being chased by a hunter who is determined to exterminate her species, she turns his own gun on him and sends him running like a dog with his tail tucked.

  • Shape of Luperca

    Watch as Luperca shows off her muscular arms and legs before showing off her free-weight forms. Something in the air triggers Luperca's senses, bringing out the howl as her wolf eyes search on the prowl.

  • Fangtastic Flexing

    Watch Luperca show off her fit and fab physique as she poses and flexes for her captivated audience. Also she pumps iron to reveal how keeps her beautiful figure.

  • Lunar Luperca 2

    Business woman, Luperca, comes home after experiencing the lunar changes taking place. Feeling the monster taking hold, she let's the beast in. Slowly, the transformation unveils a beast. A creature...

  • Luperca and Marigold

    Luperca and Marigold display their cunning prowess. Two were-creatures joining forces outside of their pack. Sensual and powerful, the two show the menace and sensuality of being a were-creature.

  • Lunar Luperca 3

    It is hard for Luperca to fight her inner instincts of converting into a hybrid creature. Will the wolf mother be able to fight this time?

  • Muscular Luperca

    Who will fight with the wolf mother after seeing all this Luperca has? The muscular strength and power she holds are something else from this world.

  • Kitty Luperca

    Something has changed about Luperca. This time she is not only the wolf but also has the tendency to show herself as a dominating cat. What is coming next? Stay tuned to find out.